Dani Raza

Dani Raza was born and raised in London, United Kingdom, where he trained for a number a years. In July 2020 he completed a two-year TV and film acting course at Instinctual Acting. Before that, he attended an intensive course in theatre and film acting at RAaW London. He currently attends regular workshops in order to continue his development as an actor.

Dani comes from a diverse background, with heritage from six different countries across Europe and Asia. This has allowed him to play roles from a variety of nationalities, including: Mexican, Italian, Arab and Pakistani.

Before his acting training, Dani studied three years of biology and one year of business management at Imperial College London. He has a passion for teaching, and founded his own tuition business, specialising in English learning and dialect coaching. Please check out updates for more information about Dani’s current projects and ventures.



After years of teaching and one-to-one private tuition in a range of subjects, Dani decided to open his own online tuition company called TopTutors. The business specialises in teaching students English, along with specific classes on how to speak with the (Modern RP) British Accent. The business successfully launched in August 2020.

One inspiration behind starting the business came through Dani's girlfriend, who is of Chinese origin and experienced English learning first-hand. Another inspiration came from Dani's love for accents, dialects and languages.

Check out one of Dani's teaching videos below: